RandFill 1.2.1


New minor release of RandFill.

  • Directory on the current target device is being watched for file-system
    changes (at the moment only size) to trigger a recalculation of the free
    capacity; the obversation happens in a worker-thread.
  • The progress dialog now displays the amount of files copied so far.
  • The button to remove a source path is only enabled if at least one item
    (path) in the source list is selected.
  • The Close button on the copy-progress dialog is disabled; handling of the
    Escape key is added.
  • The file operation (copying) checks for success/failure.
  • The program differentiates between the copying being aborted by the user
    or by the system (due to an error in the file operation).
  • Other, internal changes.

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