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Basic steps to build your project with CMake


Disclaimer: Sorry, this not a tutorial on CMake or on how to build your first CMakeLists.txt file, but basically just a short reminder for me in case I forget the syntax/steps for building my projects ­čśë Directories The basic directory structure for my projects usually looks something like this: C:\Project X | ChangeLog.txt |… »»»

MOC error message when building a small single file Qt program


Just a reminder for myself, because I will certainly stumble over it again in the future: One of my projects was using Qt and was split into several files and subfolders, with several CMakeLists.txt files to it. In it, I made all the required CMake-Qt-Magic, so that CMake and Qt with MOC was working (too… »»»

Building Qt 5.9.1 on Windows 7/10 with Visual Studio 2017

2017-08-18 6 comments

Time again for an follow-up to my post on Qt’s LTS release, now that Qt 5.9 has been published as a new long-term supported (LTS) release. And since Qt 5.9.1 does not build with Visual Studio 2010 anylonger, this was also a good reason to switch to the freshly released Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition.… »»»

Building Qt 5.6.2 on Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2010

2016-11-28 2 comments

This is an update to my previously published post Building Qt 5.2.1 on Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2010. Not much has changed for me: I’m still running Windows 7 (Windows 10 can wait a bit longer) and Visual Studio 2010 (I’ll probably switch to version “2017” when it’s done — and if it still… »»»

Distributing a Python program to Windows users

2016-07-10 2 comments

I use Python for several tasks (mostly small routine jobs or one-off scripts; not to devalue the language, I just haven’t used it yet for bigger projects), but since it’s an interpreted language, you can’t easily distribute the scripts to normal users on Microsoft Windows (my main ecosystem), because that platform doesn’t come with any… »»»

Tips for Mercurial (Hg)


This post will probably become a living document, i.e. will be updated sporadically with small tips, tricks and reminders on how to do certain tasks with Mercurial (Hg), because most of it will be short entries that won’t justify an article on its own. Changelog The following command gets the revision history from the repository… »»»

No QtTools (lupdate/linguist/lrelease) when built as shared libraries

2015-05-12 1 comment

So I’ve built Qt from source and used it successfully in the last year or so. Some time ago I turned my attention to multilanguage support and learned about Qt’s tools: linguist.exe, lupdate.exe and lrelease.exe. Strangely, those files only existed in the “bin” folder of the statically built version, not when I built them as… »»»

Building Qt for static linking

2015-03-31 1 comment

One of the drawbacks of using such a comprehensive framework as Qt is the massively increased size of you program. When my pet project RandFill was only using the plain Win32-API, it was a single executable file of a couple of hundred kilobytes. Now, using dynamically linked Qt, the whole package (with DLLs, MSVC redistributables,… »»»

Namen der Xing-Profilbesucher


Als nicht-zahlendes Mitglied bei XING werden einem zwar die Fotos der Profilbesucher angezeigt, nicht aber deren Namen und auch die Links verweisen nicht zu den dazugeh├Ârigen Profilen, sondern auf die Anmeldeseite f├╝r eine Premium-Mitgliedschaft. Einen Weg um zumindest die Namen in Erfahrung zu bringen habe ich hier gefunden: Rechtsklick auf das Foto und (je… »»»