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A collection of views, opinions, tips, advices, recommendations, guidelines, and best-practices; both from a point of view of an user as well as a developer/programmer.

On Software: Version Numbers


Just a little train of thoughts on the topic of numbering versions of software products (and by that, I mean client-based, locally installed programs, not webservices which are always considered to be in a state of flux and where maybe timestamps are a better format). The topic came up when I revised the plans for… »»»

The case of the mysterious crash

2015-03-09 1 comment

In case you get mysterious crashes, inexplicable messages of access violations and other strange errors on seemingly innocent code: Check your project settings, especially if your project makes use of other (3rd party) libraries: Is each of the (sub)projects and/or libraries using the same run-time libraries? Meaning: Same version, same threading model, same linking model.… »»»

On Software: Check for errors and don’t fail (too) silently


While I was running the old-but-still-officially-current version 1.1.0 of RandFill recently (to analyze a change between that version and the 1.2.x branch), I stumbled upon a strange behaviour: Running it on a freshly installed Windows XP (32-bit) system and also on a freshly installed Windows 7 (64-bit), everything was OK. Starting it on a different… »»»

On Software: Some Golden Rules


Here are some rules of thumb for program authors. Some of them are just best practices/good behaviour, others come from my experiences with rogue software that I migrated from Windows XP to Vista/Windows 7 or had the pleasure to install on some heavily locked down workstations (due to Corporate IT Security): Do not require administrative… »»»

On Software: Configuration Import/Export


This comes from me as an user of software… Despite so much functionality wandering off into the clouds of the Internet, I still hold on to many applications which need to be installed locally on a client (yeah, how old fashioned, I know). Even worse, I often need the same programs on several machines and… »»»

On Software: Open Formats & Open Protocols


Let’s kick off the text with the sad-but-true bits of wisdom found here: “The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from.” — Andrew S. Tanenbaum XKCD: Standards So, it looks as if standards are more to be feared than to be supported. But you will have to work with… »»»

On Software: Introduction


In this series of posts I plan to write down some of my views regarding all things ‘software’, both as an user as well as a developer/programmer. It should become a collection of tips, advices, recommendations, guidelines, and best-practices; firstly for myself to consider in (future) projects, but also as food for thought for others.… »»»