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Status updates and development logs.

Plans & Projects #7


Time for a quick update on my activities in the last couple of months: Continued to work on the (currently titled) WPDLib that I mentioned previously. And although quite a bit of progress was achieved, there’s still a lot to be done until it’s in a really useable state. That led to a “mini burn-out”… »»»

Plans & Projects #6: Windows Portable Devices

2015-11-25 1 comment

At the moment, I’m working on my library to support Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) devices via the Windows Portable Devices (WPD) API, so that future versions of RandFill will be able to use also smartphones as targets and not only Mass Storage Class (MSC) devices like plain USB flash drives. And while it’s still far… »»»

Plans & Projects #5


“Meanwhile, on the dark side of the moon…” I’m currently working on a new project: A library to communicate with MTP devices like smartphones, over the Microsoft WPD (Windows Portable Devices) API. The inital focus will be to enable RandFill to use smartphones and to spin-off the device handling from the application program to this… »»»

Plans & Projects #4


Greetings! After a long while, some status updates again… The rewriting/refactoring/migration of RandFill from a Win32-only to a mostly Qt-based application is going on well: The multithreading code, which handles the file copying, works again. There are still a handful of tasks left, but then it will have measured up feature-wise with the current release.… »»»

Plans & Projects #3


Konnichiwa, time for another status report: As mentioned the last time, I extracted the device-handling code of RandFill into a subproject that generates a DLL, but which is still not fully functional. The reason for this is the intertwined structure of the program; although I tried to keep the different parts isolated, I obviously wasn’t… »»»

Plans & Projects #2


Konnichiwa again, picking up the loose threads from the last instance of P&P: I began to split the device-handling-code of RandFill into a seperate module (DLL), with support for Unicode — unfinished and unpublished as of yet… When I then turned my attention to the rest of the codebase, I was again reminded that this… »»»

Plans & Projects #1

2013-07-28 1 comment

Konnichiwa! First entry in a new category: Plans & Projects. This is supposed to be a more loose form of posts, mainly rambling and rubber-ducking about my programming endeavors and projects; a sort of developer’s diary/development journal; occasional a work log. Inspired by the old .plan files of the past (which were even before my… »»»