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SIMInfo 2.1 (sort of…)


I’ve committed and uploaded the changes of the last couple of weeks of work on SIMInfo and tagged it as version 2.1 — but don’t really plan to release it as a compiled binary.

SIMInfo 2.0


A new version of SIMInfo has been released.



A small utility program to modify the Windows Autologon settings in the Windows registry with a GUI. More about it at the project page on BitBucket.

CLIOptions: Code to handle command line interface options


I extracted some code out of my dumping ground for assorted snippets (a.k.a. misc_public) and put it in its own repository: CLIOptions. It’s a tiny header-only C++ library to handle options (parameters, arguments, …) which are given to programs on the command line. The capabilities are described in the comments in CLIOptions.h file itself, a… »»»

SIMInfo 1.5


A new version of SIMInfo has been released.

SIMInfo 1.4


A new version of SIMInfo has been released (side note: version 1.3 was omitted from publication, because it’s been mainly a work of internal restructuring).

WPDLib 0.1.0


After quietly working on it for several months, the project has now reached a point where I feel comfortable to make it public:

Creating a new group in an Active Directory


By the way: Despite the lack of new posts here, I do update my code repositories with new content occasionally, either with snippets or scripts, or working on my projects (not all public at the moment).

Plans & Projects #7


Time for a quick update on my activities in the last couple of months: Continued to work on the (currently titled) WPDLib that I mentioned previously. And although quite a bit of progress was achieved, there’s still a lot to be done until it’s in a really useable state. That led to a “mini burn-out”… »»»

SIMInfo 1.2


A new version of SIMInfo has been released. Notable changes: New option /Profile to display the connection profile data in it original XML format. New option /UpdateProfile to change the values of a connection profile or create an initial one. New option /Signal to display the approximated signal strength received by the device (e.g. 64%).