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Installing Sphinx on Windows


In my previous post I mentioned that I would ponder about maybe switching from a Wiki to a Sphinx solution. I started with that by setting up Sphinx on my Windows-PC; let’s see how this will turn out in the next weeks… Get and install Python (if you don’t already have…). Download and install the… »»»

Plans & Projects #1

2013-07-28 1 comment

Konnichiwa! First entry in a new category: Plans & Projects. This is supposed to be a more loose form of posts, mainly rambling and rubber-ducking about my programming endeavors and projects; a sort of developer’s diary/development journal; occasional a work log. Inspired by the old .plan files of the past (which were even before my… »»»

Mini-Reviews #3


Again, a quick summary of (more or less) noteworthy material that I’ve watched over the last couple of weeks. Film Premium Rush Entertaining little action flick; approved. Puncture A legal/lawyer drama that wasn’t on my list — and with good reason as I now know; skip it. Fast & Furious 6 I never paid attention… »»»