Monthly Archives: March 2015

Building Qt for static linking

2015-03-31 1 comment

One of the drawbacks of using such a comprehensive framework as Qt is the massively increased size of you program. When my pet project RandFill was only using the plain Win32-API, it was a single executable file of a couple of hundred kilobytes. Now, using dynamically linked Qt, the whole package (with DLLs, MSVC redistributables,… »»»

The case of the mysterious crash

2015-03-09 1 comment

In case you get mysterious crashes, inexplicable messages of access violations and other strange errors on seemingly innocent code: Check your project settings, especially if your project makes use of other (3rd party) libraries: Is each of the (sub)projects and/or libraries using the same run-time libraries? Meaning: Same version, same threading model, same linking model.… »»»