Monthly Archives: May 2015

RandFill 1.2.0


Finally, a new release of my pet project is done: RandFill 1.2.0 is here! Most of the time was spent migrating the codebase to Qt and refining all those other components like the build-system (CMake), the installer (NSIS), writing help texts (HTML), making it multilingual; plus the usual glut of bugfixing and improvements/changes here and… »»»

Tips for Mercurial (Hg)


This post will probably become a living document, i.e. will be updated sporadically with small tips, tricks and reminders on how to do certain tasks with Mercurial (Hg), because most of it will be short entries that won’t justify an article on its own. Changelog The following command gets the revision history from the repository… »»»

SIM Info


SIM Info is a new small console program for Microsoft Windows to display SIM identification data like ICCID, IMEI and IMSI. It’s actually a bit late (I had a need for it two years ago), but I stumbled today about some documentation for the Windows 7 Mobile Broadband API and had the time and muse… »»»

No QtTools (lupdate/linguist/lrelease) when built as shared libraries

2015-05-12 1 comment

So I’ve built Qt from source and used it successfully in the last year or so. Some time ago I turned my attention to multilanguage support and learned about Qt’s tools: linguist.exe, lupdate.exe and lrelease.exe. Strangely, those files only existed in the “bin” folder of the statically built version, not when I built them as… »»»