Monthly Archives: May 2016

Plans & Projects #7


Time for a quick update on my activities in the last couple of months: Continued to work on the (currently titled) WPDLib that I mentioned previously. And although quite a bit of progress was achieved, there’s still a lot to be done until it’s in a really useable state. That led to a “mini burn-out”… »»»

SIMInfo 1.2


A new version of SIMInfo has been released. Notable changes: New option /Profile to display the connection profile data in it original XML format. New option /UpdateProfile to change the values of a connection profile or create an initial one. New option /Signal to display the approximated signal strength received by the device (e.g. 64%).

Remi 1.4

2016-05-28 1 comment

A new version of my small command-line utility remi has been released. No new functionality, just internal changes and refinements.

Mini-Reviews #14


And again, a little retrospect of the stuff that I’ve watched in the last couple of weeks and months: