DevLog #1


First entry in a new category: Plans & Projects. This is supposed to be a more loose form of posts, mainly rambling and rubber-ducking about my programming endeavors and projects; a sort of developer’s diary/development journal; occasional a work log. Inspired by the old .plan files of the past (which were even before my time: I read them only when news and archive sites published web versions of certain famous entries.

So, anyway, enough forewords… Last week, after a three year hiatus (and additional one or two years of very slow development before that), I updated my RandFill program and the associated personal libraries to build under Windows 7 (64-bit) with Visual Studio 2010; nothing earth-shattering, but it’s a start.

Next on my To-Do list is to get familiar with the Qt framework. I’ve lots of ideas for RandFill, but evolving upon the current Win32 foundation is painful, especially with regards to GUI growth. Several alternatives were checked by me in the past (MFC, Qt, GTK, .NET wxWidgets, etc.) and at the moment Qt looks still the most promising.

In the meantime, I was distracted by another technology: Distributed Version Control Systems (DCVS). Of course I knew about it, but never paid much attention: I had my Subversion repositories and was (and still am) fine with SVN. But after lots of reading explanations, comparision articles, discussions and so on, I will probably switch to Mercurial — but since it isn’t urgent and would only distract me further from other, above mentioned tasks, I’ll defer this for a while.

Another thing came up: Do I really want or need a Wiki on my site? DokuWiki is not bad, but I think for my workflow, a wiki is the wrong tool.
From the top of my head, some pro and contra arguments: