DevLog #4

Greetings! After a long while, some status updates again…

The rewriting/refactoring/migration of RandFill from a Win32-only to a mostly Qt-based application is going on well: The multithreading code, which handles the file copying, works again.

There are still a handful of tasks left, but then it will have measured up feature-wise with the current release. After that, I’ll merge the development branch with the main trunk, publish a new release and will then be able — at long last — to work again on extending and improving the program (besides the inevitable bugfixing, of course 😉 ).

The other project I’ve been working on for the last couple of days is a small utility called Remi.
It’s a console program for renaming a remote computer in a Microsoft Active Directory domain.

But now, after finishing it and searching again on the internet for “rename remote computer”, I suddenly stumbled upon Microsoft’s own netdom.exe renamecomputer.
So it looks like I unwittingly re-implemented this (partially). *sigh* Oh well, you live and learn, I guess…