DevLog #5

“Meanwhile, on the dark side of the moon…"

I’m currently working on a new project: A library to communicate with MTP devices like smartphones, over the Microsoft WPD (Windows Portable Devices) API.

The inital focus will be to enable RandFill to use smartphones and to spin-off the device handling from the application program to this library.
Since WPD can work with MTP devices as well as with USB mass storage device class (MSC) devices, this should be possible. The features will reflect that and it won’t be an universal WPD library for each and everyone — at least in the beginning.

At the moment, I’m mainly preparing the project (i.e. reading documentation, articles and sample code); I’ve already written some lines of code, but nothing remarkable yet.

But as I sift through the internet for more information about WPD, I realize that it is not the most used API in the world:
The limited amount of articles I found are mostly rather old (2006-2008) and example code is scarce. I’ll probably write down something about this, here or in the project files.

And that’s it for now.