DevLog #8: Updates on WPDLib and RandFill

So, it’s been quite a while since the last post of this sort, and I did slow down on the projects mentioned there for some time, but…

… I’ve been focusing again on WPDLib and RandFill for the last couple of months and made progress:

That’s it for now; hopefully, the next update in this series will not take as long as this one… 😉

  1. Mostly or most of the times. And the 2-3 times I encountered very weird behavior, I could track it down (sometimes after long troubleshooting sessions) to old devices (Android 4.x) or maybe not fully WPD-compliant support or implementations on the device.

    But to figure that out the first time was a pain. It also does not help that not much is written about WPD: I can’t really judge on much WPD is used nowadays, but the amount of (current) documentation, sample code, blog posts or forum discussions it rather slim; despite the fact that it doesn’t seem to be superseded by the next hot thing (as so often in IT). But I guess with all the people using wireless connection technologies and cloud-based platforms, it’s not much in demand… ↩︎