DevLog #9

The second half of 2020 was regrettably pretty unproductive for me in terms of (C++) code – that wasn’t really planned, but life is strange sometimes (… he says, sitting at home, during the COVID-19 lockdown).

But a few things did happen, and I also plan (again) to write these kind of logs now more often; that may give me also an motivational kick in the butt. So, without further ado, let’s start…

New job, new language

I’ve changed my employer and job at the beginning of December 2020: After more than a decade of working as a system administrator/system engineer, mostly doing application packaging, it was time for a change.

The company/my department was on a decline anyways, some other colleagues already left, and I too was feeling more and more miserable as time went on: The work was not interesting to me anymore (I wasn’t really learning or using any new skills for a long time there, except what I did for my own good) and the new leadership and management was terrible.

At the new place, I’m still not in a developer position, but at least it gives me the oppurtunity to learn more about some different topics and I’m now busy writing scripts in Powershell (currently focusing on tasks with the Active Directory and NTFS) – it’s not C++, but better than nothing ;-)

I had used Powershell previously, but only sporadically, so I now had a bit of catch-up to do, which luckily turned out fine and I discovered that Powershell is actually a quite nice shell-scripting language.

Related to that, I cleaned-up and updated my collection of scripts and code snippets that I’ve been accumulated over the years. The result can be found in my misc_public repository, under the Powershell section, and therein in the area of the saoe module.

Minority Report

Aside from that, some other, minor tasks where done: A few new blog posts here and some code cleansing.

And as an interesting intersection between C++ and Powershell, I created for myself a PS helper function (New-CPPProject), with which I can quickly prepare a new basic C++ project, with basic CMake files, ReadMe, main.cpp etc.

Makes it much easier for me to just quickly test a thing in C++, or even to begin a new project.

A new repository for a new toolkit

Then, in the last couple of weeks, I created a new repository called The Nifty Oddity Toolkit, which is kind of an umbrella project, or code repository for a collection of common C++ code, that may not deserve its own project/repo, but should come in handy once in a while, as utilities for other projects.

The first two items that got integrated/migrated to it were the codebases of my CLIOptions and InitFile – this should also give me an excuse to look into those again closer, after years of neglecting them (for the time being, I just updated the CMakeLists for both of them, to play nicely with their new parent project).


As for future plans: Of course, they still linger in my brain, as paper notes and on my computer – but sadly and admittedly, I’m really good (or is it bad?) at procrastination 😞 . In the past, even these kind of posts didn’t have the wished motivational effect on me. This is now a new attempt (again), and maybe putting them out in shorter invervals will help this time