Hotkey 1.0

A small utility to scratch my own itch: Having global shortcut keys for often needed actions.

For example, to insert a timestamp into any text area on my system (text file, Word document, OneNote, e-mail, etc.):
When the EXE runs (check for the icon in the status area),

These are currently the only (and hardwired) features, and I may or may not extend this tool in the future, depeding on my needs, mood and/or time…

But in the meantime, you could use this as a starting-point for your own customization, or for peeking on how to implement global hotkeys under Windows, or how to make use of a simpler notification area (‘tray’) as an user interface.

The source code and more information about the project can be found on the repository page.

A pre-built 64-bit executable file can also be downloaded there.