In search of a replacement for Google Reader

Well, only two more weeks until Google shuts down Reader. It’s about time for me to plan my escape — but where to flee?

At the moment, I’ve put these three options on my short list:

  1. Provide a service by and for myself (if technical possible, not checked yet); for example with Tiny Tiny RSS.

  2. Use Feedly. Negative points: Needs currently a browser plug-in (for whatever reason); I’ve also read that you can’t export your feed subscribtions again?! And: It’s another, small online service provider, whose cloud can dissolve very quickly.

  3. Use The Old Reader. That one was positively mentioned in several articles and comments; haven’t investigated it much yet. Similar problematic aspect: It’s another (even smaller) third party, who could disappear very quickly.

Self hosting looks like the most future proof version, on the other hand I don’t like the idea of having yet another thing to administrate in my free time…

I’ll update this post later.

Update 2013-06-29

*Phew* Made it just in time before Google shuts down Reader on monday (2013-07-01).

I set up Tiny Tiny RSS today and adjusted some settings; still need to fiddle with the design a bit in the following days, maybe use another theme, but in general I’m pretty much pleased with this solution for now.

Regarding the installation: If you’ve configured something like WordPress or a Wiki on your (shared) hosting before, this shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, TT-RSS’s documentation, several helpful articles/tutorial can easily be found with a bit of searching the net; that should you get started.