Mini-Reviews #1

So, a couple of short reviews for recently watched movies and television shows.


Movie 43
Episodic comedy with an interesting cast. But actually pretty unfunny. Some parts where too short, some too long for the respective punchline.
Django Unchained
Like with “Inglourious Basterds”, I wasn’t really hooked by it; and before that, there was “Death Proof”… His latest batch of films didn’t grab me like “Pulp Fiction”, “Jackie Brown” or “Kill Bill” did in the past. So I wonder, is it me or Quentin?
The Last Stand
Schwarzenegger’s action comeback. Mediocre B-action movie.
Nobody Walks
Waste. Of. Time. 😞


Like “Person of Interest” before, I wasn’t really interesed in it, but began watching it because of the (surprisingly) good reviews I’ve read online. And like with “PoI”, I’m now circa mid-season and still don’t know what all the fuzz is about. It’s not a bad show, but I’m not hooked by it; so I say goodbye, Mr. Queen.

[DE] Am Ende noch ein paar unerwartete Neuigkeiten: Die letzten beiden Staffeln (#4 und #5) der großartigen — und in Deutschland leider quasi unbeachteten — Serie Damages sollen endlich in synchronisierter Fassung spĂ€ter im Jahr auf einem kleinen Nischensender ausgestrahlt werden. Den kann ich zwar nicht empfangen, aber hoffentlich werden die entsprechenden BDs/DVDs bald darauf veröffentlicht…