Mini-Reviews #18

Since I have to catch up a bit after my long hiatus, here’s the next batch of my short opinions on some of the stuff that I’ve watched over the last couple of months and weeks.


Nice idea, but execution and pacing weren’t my cup of tea. Same goes for the ‘resolution’: Too far out there for my liking.
Started off with an interesting premise, but soon developed into strangly bland piece.
Would probably have been better if it were more of a character study instead of the action fest at the end.
Assasin’s Creed
Oh boy, that was really bad!
Jupiter Ascending
Oh boy, that was really, really bad, too!
Rogue One
Well, a slightly different take on a Star Wars story. Of course, the effects were top notch, but the story, pacing and characters weren’t just very good/convincing.
Finding Dory
Very entertaining. Not much, not less.
Now that was something unexpected (after the previous Wolverine disappointments).
A ‘Superhero Action Western Noir’, so to say. Interesting.
Horrible Bosses 2
*yawn* Boooring!
The LEGO Batman Movie
Not funny/entertaining, at least not for such a long runtime (the trailers for it were more fun than the movie).
Could have become something interesting, but soon turned into a generic Monster-in-Space B-Movie with a solid cast.
John Wick: Chapter 2
Part one was, hm, OK I guess, although a bit over-hyped. This one is more of the same. Not really my cup of tea: Too much (bloody) style over substance.
The Fate Of The Furious
The last time, I promised (to myself) not to watch any more of this crap franchise — I failed… almost: I didn’t really pay much attention after the first 30 minutes or so, except for some scenes. It’s just hilarously bad at this point (and no matter of “turning off your brain” will help me with that).


Salem — Season 3
A surpringsly good horror show. But it’s also a good thing, that this was the last season (with a partially open end). Some indications that it would “jump the shark” in the near future were noticable in these final episodes, but it never turned bad before it ended; so enjoy it!
Black Sails — Season 1, 2, 3 and 4
When I first read that Michael Bay would produce a pirate show for TV, I expected the worst. But what a positive surprise this was! I almost binge-watched all four seasons and had fun with each episode. A bitter-sweet parting: While the main story arc came to a good conclusion, there were more than enough interesting characters and plots left for many more seasons, in my opionion.
Hell On Wheels — Season 5
And so it ends, and not too soon. The show was alright most of the time, but one or two seasons less would have been also been enough. If you like Western, test it (there isn’t much anyways), but try Deadwood first!