Mini-Reviews #7

A new batch of condensed opinions of recently watch movies and TV shows.


Hercules (2014)
Not as bad as expected, but nevertheless a rather unremarkable matter.
The first half is indeed quite entertaining and humorous, while the second half only offers generic fantasy action.
Interesting, because it was different; but in the end not all what it was hyped to be.
Bad Neigbors
(Sadly) A typical, generic, gross flick; probably no. 2379 on the ever-growing list of such US-&“comedies”. My advice: Watch the trailer, don’t endure the whole 97 minutes.
Stromberg: Der Film
[DE] Wer die Serie mag (so wie ich) wird auch diesen Abschlussfilm mögen. Natürlich kein Big-Budget-Event-Movie, aber war mal nett, die Charktere ausserhalb der Büros agieren zu sehen.
The Amazing Spider-Man
An unnecessary reboot, a remake way too early — and also not a very good film.
Kingdom Of Heaven (Director’s Cut)
Watched it for a second time now; an impressive, epic film, and one of the few films in this millennium from Ridley Scott that doesn’t suck.


Justified — Season 3
I really love this show: Dark humor, violent action, scheming and lively dialogs.
True Detective — Season 1
Again a case of too much unfullfilled hype, from my point of view. The start was OK, but the last act not so much. In general just not that great.
Sons Of Anarchy — Season 4
Liked it. The show is not a revolutionary milestone, but quite entertaining.
The Bridge — Season 1, 2 (partially)
The american remake/interpretation of an scandinavian show (that I haven’t seen, yet). The first season was mostly alright. But the second season quickly lost my interest after 4 or 5 episodes (didn’t finish the season); one factor was the changed attitude of the main character; and the slow pace didn’t help either — and now the series is canceled.
The Walking Dead — Season 4
It’s getting better. Still a slooow going show (I fast-forward quite a bit), but I’ll stick with it.