RandFill 1.1.0 released

Added a page to the site for my software projects and also a place for my RandFill program.

While looking through the files of that tool for the first time in years and comparing it with my old homepage, I realized that I’ve forgotten to publish the latest version (not really surprising, since it’s only a small utility, only used by me and put on the internet just for the sake of completeness and delusions of grandeur).

So, a mere six years later (has it really been that long?!), I give you version 1.1.0.
Read the history section on the project page for the rather minor changes.

Regarding its future: I had always plans to work again on it, especially adding a better filtering mechanism. But that requires a better way to create a GUI. And at the moment, RandFill is written in pure Win32-API code (respectivley platform independent C++ where possible), which makes it a lightweight tool, but also a PITA when it comes to anything related to UI. Replacing that code would mean a lot of rewriting; I also couldn’t yet decide which framework to use: MFC? WTL? wxWidgets? WPF? Qt?

Currently I tend to use Qt, but on the other hand that might be overkill for a tiny application like this…