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Basic steps to build your project with CMake


Disclaimer: Sorry, this not a tutorial on CMake or on how to build your first CMakeLists.txt file, but basically just a short reminder for me in case I forget the syntax/steps for building my projects 😉 Directories The basic directory structure for my projects usually looks something like this: C:\Project X | ChangeLog.txt | ReadMe.md… »»»

Building Qt for static linking

2015-03-31 1 comment

One of the drawbacks of using such a comprehensive framework as Qt is the massively increased size of you program. When my pet project RandFill was only using the plain Win32-API, it was a single executable file of a couple of hundred kilobytes. Now, using dynamically linked Qt, the whole package (with DLLs, MSVC redistributables,… »»»

Plans & Projects #3


Konnichiwa, time for another status report: As mentioned the last time, I extracted the device-handling code of RandFill into a subproject that generates a DLL, but which is still not fully functional. The reason for this is the intertwined structure of the program; although I tried to keep the different parts isolated, I obviously wasn’t… »»»

CMake, Visual Studio and Qt 5 with MOC…

2014-06-15 3 comments

After building a 64-bit version of Qt with/for Microsoft Visual Studio, building a simple Qt test program and doing first steps with the CMake build system the next hurdle appeared on the horizon in the form of support for Qt and its Q_OBJECT features (I am currently fighting more with the changes I made to… »»»

Generating 64-bit projects for Visual Studio with CMake

2014-05-31 2 comments

Generator Hm, interesting… I thought for some reason that by invoking CMake from the 64-bit Visual Studio command prompt, the project would automatically be generated as a 64-bit target — turns out that this is not the case: Checking the Solution File, the configuration is still set to Win32 (instead of x64) and in the… »»»

On CMake


I’ve changed the build process of the RandFill project recently from using the Visual Studio files (*.sln, *.vcxproj, etc.) to maintaining and generating those with CMake. RandFill might not be the ideal candidate for this switch, since it is (and will, for the foreseeable future, stay) a pure Windows/Win32 application; support for other platforms or… »»»