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SIMInfo 2.1 (sort of…)


I’ve committed and uploaded the changes of the last couple of weeks of work on SIMInfo and tagged it as version 2.1 — but don’t really plan to release it as a compiled binary.

Mini-Reviews #21


It’s been a while, but here we go again: A quick recap and short opinion piece of some stuff I’ve seen in the last couple of months. Film Please Stand By Read a postive review about it, sounded interesting; but it was not, really. Avengers: Infinity War Oh well, I’m just viewing theses big popocorn… »»»

Mini-Reviews #20


Welcome back to another batch of my concise opinons about some recently watched movies and shows. Film Bad Moms Obviously, I’m not part of the target audience for that kind of humour, but I was (again) fooled by the trailer, which had most of the few working gags already in it. Hitman’s Bodyguard Entertaining flick,… »»»

SIMInfo 2.0


A new version of SIMInfo has been released.



A small utility program to modify the Windows Autologon settings in the Windows registry with a GUI. More about it at the project page on BitBucket.

Icons: Visual Studio Image Library


Although not new, I stumbled just now upon a fine collection of icons from Microsoft1, the Visual Studio Image Library: The Visual Studio Image Library contains application images that appear in Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Windows, the Office system and other Microsoft software. […] each library contains over thousands of images which can be used… »»»

CLIOptions: Code to handle command line interface options


I extracted some code out of my dumping ground for assorted snippets (a.k.a. misc_public) and put it in its own repository: CLIOptions. It’s a tiny header-only C++ library to handle options (parameters, arguments, …) which are given to programs on the command line. The capabilities are described in the comments in CLIOptions.h file itself, a… »»»

Mini-Reviews #19


It’s been a long, long time — high time for some comments of mine about (no so) recently watched material… Film Wonder Woman Yes, it has a woman in the lead — but other than that, it’s just another dull DC superhero movie. Why Him? Again, the trailer was selling it to me, and again:… »»»

Basic steps to build your project with CMake


Disclaimer: Sorry, this not a tutorial on CMake or on how to build your first CMakeLists.txt file, but basically just a short reminder for me in case I forget the syntax/steps for building my projects 😉 Directories The basic directory structure for my projects usually looks something like this: C:\Project X | ChangeLog.txt | ReadMe.md… »»»

MOC error message when building a small single file Qt program


Just a reminder for myself, because I will certainly stumble over it again in the future: One of my projects was using Qt and was split into several files and subfolders, with several CMakeLists.txt files to it. In it, I made all the required CMake-Qt-Magic, so that CMake and Qt with MOC was working (too… »»»