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Tips for Mercurial (Hg)


This post will probably become a living document, i.e. will be updated sporadically with small tips, tricks and reminders on how to do certain tasks with Mercurial (Hg), because most of it will be short entries that won’t justify an article on its own. Changelog The following command gets the revision history from the repository… »»»

Plans & Projects #2


Konnichiwa again, picking up the loose threads from the last instance of P&P: I began to split the device-handling-code of RandFill into a seperate module (DLL), with support for Unicode — unfinished and unpublished as of yet… When I then turned my attention to the rest of the codebase, I was again reminded that this… »»»

Plans & Projects #1

2013-07-28 1 comment

Konnichiwa! First entry in a new category: Plans & Projects. This is supposed to be a more loose form of posts, mainly rambling and rubber-ducking about my programming endeavors and projects; a sort of developer’s diary/development journal; occasional a work log. Inspired by the old .plan files of the past (which were even before my… »»»