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RandFill 1.2.1


New minor release of RandFill. Directory on the current target device is being watched for file-system changes (at the moment only size) to trigger a recalculation of the free capacity; the obversation happens in a worker-thread. The progress dialog now displays the amount of files copied so far. The button to remove a source path… »»»

RandFill 1.2.0


Finally, a new release of my pet project is done: RandFill 1.2.0 is here! Most of the time was spent migrating the codebase to Qt and refining all those other components like the build-system (CMake), the installer (NSIS), writing help texts (HTML), making it multilingual; plus the usual glut of bugfixing and improvements/changes here and… »»»

Building Qt for static linking

2015-03-31 1 comment

One of the drawbacks of using such a comprehensive framework as Qt is the massively increased size of you program. When my pet project RandFill was only using the plain Win32-API, it was a single executable file of a couple of hundred kilobytes. Now, using dynamically linked Qt, the whole package (with DLLs, MSVC redistributables,… »»»

On Software: Check for errors and don’t fail (too) silently


While I was running the old-but-still-officially-current version 1.1.0 of RandFill recently (to analyze a change between that version and the 1.2.x branch), I stumbled upon a strange behaviour: Running it on a freshly installed Windows XP (32-bit) system and also on a freshly installed Windows 7 (64-bit), everything was OK. Starting it on a different… »»»

Plans & Projects #4


Greetings! After a long while, some status updates again… The rewriting/refactoring/migration of RandFill from a Win32-only to a mostly Qt-based application is going on well: The multithreading code, which handles the file copying, works again. There are still a handful of tasks left, but then it will have measured up feature-wise with the current release.… »»»

Vectorized RandFill Logo


While I’m (slowly) continuing to convert RandFill from Win32 to Qt, I’ve added the logo icon to the main window and the executable today. But since that is a simple image that I made with MS Paint quite a while ago and because I am not an graphics artist, it looks as ugly as it… »»»

Size comparison: RandFill 1.1.0 vs. 1.2.x-devel


As you might know if you’ve read the previous entries, I’m currently migrating RandFill from plain Win32 code to a mix of Win32 and Qt 5 code (mainly the GUI parts, at the moment). It’s still a work-in-progress, but since the basic project builds again, I wanted to check the sizes of the old and… »»»

Plans & Projects #3


Konnichiwa, time for another status report: As mentioned the last time, I extracted the device-handling code of RandFill into a subproject that generates a DLL, but which is still not fully functional. The reason for this is the intertwined structure of the program; although I tried to keep the different parts isolated, I obviously wasn’t… »»»

On CMake


I’ve changed the build process of the RandFill project recently from using the Visual Studio files (*.sln, *.vcxproj, etc.) to maintaining and generating those with CMake. RandFill might not be the ideal candidate for this switch, since it is (and will, for the foreseeable future, stay) a pure Windows/Win32 application; support for other platforms or… »»»

Plans & Projects #2


Konnichiwa again, picking up the loose threads from the last instance of P&P: I began to split the device-handling-code of RandFill into a seperate module (DLL), with support for Unicode — unfinished and unpublished as of yet… When I then turned my attention to the rest of the codebase, I was again reminded that this… »»»