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RandFill: Open Source


The project is now open source (published under the terms of the “MIT license”) and available on BitBucket.org. The program’s homepage has been updated accordingly.

RandFill 1.1.0 re-released


No functional changes yet, but it comes now with a proper installer instead of just an executable in a zip file (for this tool and at this stage not really necessary, but it will come handy in the future). After some reading on the topic of Windows installers, I settled for NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install… »»»

RandFill 1.1.0 released


Added a page to the site for my software projects and also a place for my RandFill program. While looking through the files of that tool for the first time in years and comparing it with my old homepage, I realized that I’ve forgotten to publish the latest version (not really surprising, since it’s only… »»»

Plans & Projects #1

2013-07-28 1 comment

Konnichiwa! First entry in a new category: Plans & Projects. This is supposed to be a more loose form of posts, mainly rambling and rubber-ducking about my programming endeavors and projects; a sort of developer’s diary/development journal; occasional a work log. Inspired by the old .plan files of the past (which were even before my… »»»