Vectorized RandFill Logo

While I’m (slowly) continuing to convert RandFill from Win32 to Qt, I’ve added the icon of the logo to the main window and the executable today.

But since that is a simple image that I made with MS Paint quite a while ago and because I am not an graphics artist, it looks as ugly as it does; sorry 😝

Even worse: Up until now, the original image was available only as a 32x32 pixel bitmap.
And that looks really bad in a time of Retina-/HiDPI-/4k displays.

So I vectorized the old icon (thanks to Inkspace) and tried to tweak the SVG image a bit (as I said: not an artist).

Then saved it as PNG files in several common resolutions (16, 24, 32, 48, 128, 256) and combined those to a single multi-page ICO file (thanks to IcoFX v1.6.4-portable).

Scaling up (or down) is now no problem any longer, after converting the original image to the vector format.

Here’s the original logo:

And here’s a 128x128 pixel version, exported from the new vector format: