I’m a guy from Germany who goes by the name of Sascha Offe and has an interest in software programming, SciFi, music and other (geeky) topics.

The main reasons for me to maintain this space are…


Name: Well, the name saoe is short, the domain was available, it has a personal connection (combination of the first and last letter of my given and family name) and I like the (lowercase) look of it. The only downside: It’s not really meant for pronunciation, so I prefer to use it only in written form, or else spell it out like an acronym (“S-A-O-E”).

Tech: This site used to be a made with “WordPress”, and while I didn’t have any real issues with it, I always thought it was a bit of overkill, with all the database and PHP stuff going on in the background for my small site. So I switched to Hugo Hugo (the open-source static site generator) in 2019 and am very happy with it eversince.


Profile on BitBucket.org


📧 Send an e-mail to info@saoe.net.