An overview of my personal and published software (projects):

  • RandFill — utility program for copying files in random order onto a removable (USB) mass storage device.
    Written for the purpose of filling a portable MP3 player with randomly chosen files from my music archive.

  • Remi — console program for Microsoft Windows to remotely rename a computer in an Active Directory domain.

  • SIM Info — console program for Microsoft Windows to display SIM identification data like ICCID, IMEI and IMSI.

  • WPDLib — dynamic-link library (DLL) to access devices via the Windows Portable Devices (WPD) API.

  • CLIOptions — header-only C++ library to handle command-line-interface options (parameters, arguments, …) given to a program.

  • Autologon — A small utility program (written in C#/.NET) to modify the Windows Autologon settings in the registry with a GUI.

  • InitFile — C++ library to read and write initialization files (*.ini).
    Status update: Development is on hold for now.

  • Miscellaneous Public Source Code — assorted scripts, code snippets and small programs; auxiliary utilities.